5K Challenge

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Image of runner at the start line.
This is for your friend—the person that wouldn’t possibly be on this site because they can’t/don’t/won’t run – this is a challenge for them but you should come along for the ride, too!

Starting in January 2015 everyone who signs up for the 5K challenge will be given weekly training plans to get them ready for a 5k on Saturday, March 14th in Ojai. It’s the Dog Jog 2015 which benefits the Ventura County Humane Society. Whether you have to walk or want to attempt a PR (personal record) we’ll be there as a group to support and guide everyone to the finish!

If you’ve already signed up, get your training plan here.

There is no cost to join and participate in the 5k Challenge except for the cost of the race entry. The Dog Jog is $35 to enter if you are 14 or older. Under 14 is $15.

Not from around here?
No worries we’ll find you a race on that same weekend or the next weekend if needed. You won’t have in-person support on race day but we’ll be there for you virtually!

Signup for the 5K Challenge

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