Basic mobility and strength

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This workout is good to do every day to keep running injuries away and improve mobility and strength. Take time to do this even if it means taking 5-10 minutes off your run or bike!

Work these exercises and stretches in bare feet.

Jump Rope
Jump rope is a great way to strengthen feet and running mechanics but it needs to be done correctly. If you are new to jumping rope and bare feet do this very slowly.

Roll out everywhere!
Go hunting for knots and tight spots. The IT band is a big area that gets tight. Use a roller and lacrosse balls or golf balls. Roll the feet, thoracic spine and inner thigh knee.

Wall leg crosses
Lie on your back with your feet on a wall – angle of your knees at 90º to the wall. Take one leg and cross your ankle over the other knee. (You shouldn’t have to lift you hip to get your leg in position but if you are tight you will) Push knee towards the wall and hold for 1-2 min. Repeat on other leg.

Couch stretch
(work up to being able to hold 2 min. each leg)

Single leg stands/squats
Start with holding a single leg stand with eyes closed for 30 seconds each side.
When that is easy (it will take time) start with bending the standing leg and starting into a squat.
Only go down as far as you can with out the knee losing alignment and wiggling (you may only be able to drop a few inches at first). Work to 10 squats each leg.

Kneeling ankle plantar flexion stretch
Kneel down and sit on your heels. Your feet should be straight and in full plantar flexion under your bum.

Sprinter dorsiflexion stretch
Kneel down on your heels but put one foot under you like a sprinter at a start line – foot in dorsiflexion. Sit back on heel that is dorsiflexed and roll it gently side to side.
Feel flexion especially in your big toe.

Super Hip Mobilization